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The menu below is an example. We can mix and match across the all the different menus and add other dishes at your request.
Our pudding menu included here can also be added to any other menu.

For more information or a quote for your party please ring Katherine on 07833 191218 or EMAIL

Drinks Party

drinks party

Salt Fried Nuts

A selection of nuts, fried in oil and butter and seasoned with salt.

Black and Green Olives, marinated

Lamb Meat Balls
Served warm with a light garlic dip

Home made Hummus
With crudites

Cheese Scones
Topped with seasoned cream cheese and sun dried tomatoes

Baby spice-encrusted hot potatoes

With tortilla chips



lemon tart
photo: Stephen Hodgetts

Chocolate Roulade
Chocolate sponge, chocolate mousse and fresh whipped cream – all rolled up.

Lemon Tart
Short pastry case housing a refreshing and tangy set filling.

Very Sherry Trifle (vegetarian – no gelatine used).
Fruit pieces set in sherry jelly and sponge base, topped with custard and vanilla cream.

Key Lime Pie
Ginger biscuit crumb base with a sharp lime filling, topped with fresh cream and dark chocolate pieces.

Tiramisu (contains raw egg)
A delicious Italian dessert, a combination of sweetened mascarpone, coffee liqueur, coffee soaked sponge fingers, eggs.

Cheese board
A selection of local and not so local cheeses, from The Old Cheese Shop in Hartington.

Fresh Fruit Salad
Any number of fresh fruit pieces in a sugar syrup

Chocolate Profiteroles
Choux pastry buns filled with pastry cream and covered in chocolate sauce (or butterscotch sauce).

Steamed syrup pudding
Surely a queen of puddings. Served with custard, or cream.